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3D Printing for Manufacturing

3D Printing for Manufacturing

3D Printing

3D Printing leverages the rapid advancement of additive manufacturing innovation, enabling the creation of complex parts in ways not possible with traditional manufacturing.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

AI for Print Shops

Examples of AI for Print Shops and how AI from Xerox is working for print providers right now. Look under your digital press’s hood and find out how AI helps you work smarter and grow your business.

Ethics and AI

Artificial Intelligence is transforming our present. Now we're talking about how ethics can steer its future.

The Era of AI

The Era of AI is here, and in your workplace. PARC CEO Tolga Kurtoglu tells “AI Trends” how PARC and Xerox bring AI solutions to the workplace.

Workplace Assistant

Workplace Assistant

Audio Documents app

Xerox? Audio Documents App on your ConnectKey? Technology-enabled multifunction printer allows you to transform hardcopy content into an audio file. Get easy access on the run or listen when and where you want.

ConnectKey Technology

Xerox? ConnectKey? Technology is transforming the experience of how people work. It gives them the freedom to solve problems, be more sustainable and productive and take on new challenges. As a proven technology solution, ConnectKey helps collaborators communicate, connect and work from anywhere.

Proofreader Service App

Xerox? Proofreader Service App on your workplace assistant allows you to instantly check for spelling, grammar, syntax and even plagiarism, right from your ConnectKey? Technology-enabled multifunction printer.


Printer and Data Security are at the core of our products and technology. That’s why every Xerox? ConnectKey? Technology-enabled device is armed with our holistic four-point approach to security, ensuring comprehensive, all-encompassing protection for all system components and points of vulnerability.

Product and Data Security Solutions is critical to every business, and we take it seriously at Xerox. We equip printers and multifunction printers (MFPs) with several secure print features to protect your organization’s most sensitive data. Our software and apps ensure digital data is safeguarded as you share it via the cloud and mobile devices.

Workplace Suite

Xerox? Workplace Suite is an on-premise, server-based print management and mobile access for your printer fleet, with benchmark security, convenience and usage insights you need to unleash productivity and reduce costs.

Beyond Workflow

Beyond Workflow

Digital Insurer

Digital Insurer serves today’s consumer by providing highly personalized communications, easy-to-navigate customer service and real-time engagement — all in the channels of their choice.

Enterprise Content Management

DocuShare Enterprise Content Management offers a better way to manage paper and digital content from creation to retention to transformation. Capture, store and share documents either on-premise or by cloud.


RFP Response Assistant

RFP Response Assistant technology is the first AI-driven assistant that understands RFPs and can automatically generate a first draft of your proposal. Further guiding you and your team through the workflow to create a differentiated, higher quality proposal in less time.


XMPie Personalized Experience

XMPie? personalized technology lets you connect with your customers seamlessly and efficiently by combining the power of variable data one-to-one marketing, web-to-print solutions, and cross-media campaign management in a single, scalable platform.


Beyond CMYK

Beyond CMYK

Xerox? Beyond CMYK Production Portfolio

See how we can help you turn challenges into opportunities that go beyond CMYK.

Xerox? PrimeLink? C9065/C9070 Printer

PrimeLink? Color Printers let you quickly swap CMYK toners with gold, silver, white and clear, or fluorescent cyan, fluorescent magenta and fluorescent yellow with Xerox? Adaptive CMYK Plus Technology.

Xerox? Versant? 180 Press

Shine and glow with more than a million colors with the Xerox? Adaptive CMYK+ Kit.

Xerox? Color C60/C70

Enter the CMYK+ digital print market with glimmering gold, sparkling silver, clear, and bright white toner.

Baltoro? HF Inkjet Press

Xerox? Baltoro? HF Inkjet Press: Transformative Performance and Economics Delivered Through Inspired Innovation

iGen? 5 Press

Xerox? iGen? 5 Press exemplifies one platform; unprecedented productivity, automation, quality, and flexibility are guaranteed with advanced automation that inhabits the press from beginning to end.

Iridesse? Metallic Printing

Xerox? Iridesse? Production Press combines beautifully produced CMYK plus stunning metallic and clear dry ink applications in a single pass, the opportunity to wow is automatic.

Iridesse? Production Press

Xerox? Iridesse? Production Press delivers more "wow" impact per printed page through digital specialty enhancements and Color FLX Technology.

The Sixth Sense

The Sixth Sense

Hyperspectral Camera

Hyperspectral camera technology has the ability to capture the full optical spectrum at each point in an image. This technology has the potential to revolutionize industries ranging from agriculture and medicine to defense and consumer electronics.

IoT Sensors

IoT Sensors use semiconductor technology to miniaturize the physics and shrink the entire system. Our technology expertise in micro-systems, imaging, and printed electronics allows us to create unique shapes and form factors to enable mass customization.


How We Innovate

Our Innovation Centers

Who's Leading The Way

Tolga Kurtoglu
Lawrence Lee
Paul Smith
Tom Kavassalis
Tolga Kurtoglu photo
Tolga Kurtoglu photo
Tolga Kurtoglu

Xerox Head of Global Research

Dr. Tolga Kurtoglu is Head of Global Research for Xerox and oversees the company’s research centers around the world.

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"PARC has built its business on creating breakthrough impact for Xerox through human-centered innovation and the deployment of cutting-edge technologies across a wide range of industries, including digital manufacturing, healthcare, energy, printing, aerospace, defense, and transportation. PARC employs the top scientists in the world who think about the commercial viability of their work. This intersection of advanced technology, human-centered thinking, and the creation of new business models is the essence of how PARC helps create high impact business value for Xerox and other clients.”
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Palo Alto Research Center

Xerox has a proud history of pioneering research, and continues to be in the forefront of innovation.

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